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Countdown to IFA 2012 begins

Rivalled only by the Vegas vajazzle that is CES, the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin - better known simply as IFA – is once again nearly upon us. In less than a week, ITProPortal will be making for the skies and setting up shop in Germany's über trendy capital for Europe's largest technology showcase, bringing you our most comprehensive event coverage to date from Wednesday, 29 August.

Featuring blockbuster announcements from a who's who of the biggest names in the world of consumer electronics, IFA is situated in the expansive Messe Exhibition Grounds at the heart of Berlin's Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf district. The grounds contain an integrated network of 26 fair halls covering a total display area of 160,000 square metres, with the fairground being directly linked to the ICC Berlin, Europe's largest congress centre. Not only that, but the site also features a 10,000 square metre outdoor area, the Summer Garden - perfect for plying journalists with beer and sausage in between press conferences.

Since it was inaugurated in 1924, IFA has witnessed some seminal moments in consumer electronics history. In 1962, Philips introduced the compact audio cassette there, a development that would set in motion a series of innovations resulting in the birth of music on-to-go with the Sony Walkman and, ultimately, paving the way for the MP3 digital music revolution and the Apple iPod.

This year's IFA looks like a great get together, with tech titans like Intel, LG, Philips, Samsung, and Sony some of the headline acts, alongside white goods and automotive makers.

We're keeping fairly mum on our exact schedule at the moment, but we can confirm that we have interviews lined up with a number of industry heavy hitters, not to mention a one-to-one with global superstar 50 Cent, who will be in attendance at this year's event promoting his SMS Audio headphones.

To help us provide you with the best possible news this year, we're taking a number of pro-active steps to help streamline access to our IFA 2012 content. For one, we're launching a dedicated IFA section, which will go live shortly. In addition to the new portal including all relevant content, we're also preparing a special preview piece to help fuel the excitement and speculation leading up to the show.

We know you love a bit of pre-event banter, so check back from later today for our round-up of the various rumours - and some confirmed announcements - linked to this year's IFA. We're also planning to feature a dedicated index article on our homepage, meaning that all of our IFA content will be just one click away. As ever, ITProPortal is your one stop shop