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Today's Tech: Countdown to IFA 2012 begins, PS4 launch titles shelved as Sony closes Studio Liverpool, & new Microsoft logo

Today's early news was dominated by the announcement that Sony Computer Entertainment has shut down its Studio Liverpool game development arm. Formed as Psygnosis in 1984 before being purchased by the Japanese tech titan in 1993 and rebranded in 1999, the software house was responsible for early landmark titles like Shadow of the Beast, and the much loved PlayStation franchise Wipeout. Not only are job losses inevitable as a result of the restructuring move, but two PS4 launch titles – a new Wipeout and an untitled stealth action game similar to Splinter Cell – have been shelved as a result of the closure.

The outlook is equally bleak for HP. The firm's huge $8.9 billion (£5.6 billion) loss for its fiscal third quarter was the worst in its history by a distance, leaving bosses scrambling for answers. CEO Meg Whitman has said the company "is still in the early stages of a multi-year turnaround" and vows to "improve the balance sheet". This could well mean more pain for its staff however, as HP continues to pursue downsizing initiatives having already admitted that around 27,000 employees are to be shed in the coming months and years. Can Whitman and co reverse the slide of the once-dominant tech firm? Check the full story and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Over in the US, the Department of Justice has been sniffing out acts of online piracy – nothing especially unusual there, but for the first time it has seized websites for enabling the illegal sale of mobile apps. The domains,, and are now in the custody of the federal government having allegedly trafficked pirated Android apps. Try and visit them and you'll get nothing but a stern notice from the FBI, so you cheeky illegal downloaders will have to spill your cash at legit outlets like Google Play - for now.

Microsoft continues to try to reinvent itself, this time in the form of a new corporate logo - its first since 1987. In the run-up to its 26 October launch of a host of new products, notably Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and its own Surface tablet, the company has ditched the clunky italicised logo of yore in favour of a sleek but, frankly, not very daring take on the widely recognisable Windows symbol. In effect, the redesign represents Microsoft's attempt at modernity across its different brands, though there's no guarantee the new logo will translate into units sold.

Rivalled only by the Vegas vajazzle that is CES, the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin - better known simply as IFA – is once again nearly upon us. In less than a week, ITProPortal will be making for the skies and setting up shop in Germany's über trendy capital for Europe's largest technology showcase, bringing you our most comprehensive event coverage to date from Wednesday, 29 August. We hope you enjoy the event overview (linked above), and stay tuned to our new dedicated IFA 2012 hub for all the latest news and analysis before, during, and after the event.