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Will Archos release a Windows RT version of the 101 XS?

Archos could potentially produce a Windows RT version of its new Gen 10 101 XS tablet, which was showcased at an event in Central London and officially launched yesterday.

When I asked the company’s product manager about a Windows RT version, he stated that he wouldn’t comment on anything Windows RT-related and wouldn’t give any indication on any future Windows-related products in the pipeline.

Archos has been an Android-only company for a few years already and has struck a strategic partnership with Texas Instruments, the US-company that supplies chips for its tablets.

The latter is one of three original system-on-chip (SoC) manufacturers to have received Windows RT certification (the other two are Qualcomm and Nvidia).

Therefore it wouldn’t be surprising to see Archos launch a Windows RT tablet perhaps by the end of October. Swapping Android Ice Cream Sandwich for Windows RT should require nothing more than a few tweaks.

Having one common hardware platform for the two operating systems is something that will be a future trend among tablet manufacturers as they try to cut down the bill of materials by using economies of scale and capitalising on the flexibility of switching OS.

As for the 101 XS, it fits within the Surface specification sheet with the added benefit of having a proper 'clicking' keyboard as opposed to the non-clicking pressure-sensitive Touch Cover keyboard found with Microsoft’s Surface (although Microsoft does offer the Type Cover with traditional clicking keys).

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