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DataSift launches new tools to streamline social big data management

We already know that the big data problem is begging to be solved, so it's no surprise that DataSift is venturing a pair of new solutions through its popular on-demand social data platform.

Aimed at helping enterprises better manage the vast swathes of information contained within the social web, the Reading-based firm unveiled Push and Query Builder earlier this week.

The new features are designed to integrate with existing business intelligence apps and native systems, and simplify the creation of sophisticated big data filters. Compatible with a range of analysis programs, databases, warehouses, and cloud platforms - services like Amazon DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, and WebHooks to name a few - Push enables companies to simply login, set up feeds, and then manage when, how, and where data will be pushed.

"Moving Big Data around the Internet is non-trivial and we spent nine months building out an infrastructure that is capable of easily delivering terabytes of data," said Nick Halstead, DataSift founder and CTO, in a statement.

"We guarantee delivery of that data with 'Push' and already have connectors with many popular cloud services, and expect many more to be released in the coming months," he added.

Query Builder, which DataSift shows off in a hands-on video (bottom), streamlines the creation of complex filters through its simple, graphical interface, making it possible for enterprises to trawl social media – both in real-time and historically – without needing to have knowledge of a specific programming language to overcome the issue of volume.

Written in HTML5 and Javascript, the interface is customisable and scalable, so that companies can add and remove functions or data sources to fit their needs. DataSift is also open sourcing Query Builder so that it can be embedded into customer products.

"DataSift's goal is to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to combine and filter Social Big Data into a more focused, manageable set so they can understand and act on the social conversations that impact their business," said DataSift CEO, Rob Bailey.

"Companies have invested millions of dollars into their own Big Data applications and we are giving our customers an advantage by offering a way to seamlessly integrate Social Data into the business systems they already have in place," he concluded.

DataSift aggregates, filters, and extracts insights from the billions of public social conversations that take place on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube – as well as blogs, forums, and message boards - to help uncover insights and trends relating to brands, markets, news and opinions.

Push and Query Builder, the company said, offers the next wave of media monitoring, enabling enterprises and social analytics companies to be more competitive.

The firm - which also has offices in San Francisco - said that Push is available immediately, with Query Builder set for rollout in September.