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New video shows off alleged iPhone 5 front panel & cables

By now, we've seen our fair share of online photos that claim to show what the next-gen iPhone will look like. Now, a smartphone repair firm out of South Carolina claims to have gotten its hands on parts for the new iPhone, including the front panel and flex cables.

In a YouTube video posted yesterday (bottom), an individual known as Justin from SmartPhone Medic walks viewers through a three minute overview of the new iPhone screen and cables.

Justin does not elaborate on how SmartPhone Medic obtained the iPhone parts, except to say that "we just got some new iPhone 5 parts in."

When asked, a SmartPhone Medic spokesman said "the parts in the video are from a very reliable source that we have worked with for years. They have been very accurate when releasing early parts to us in the past, but obviously we cannot say 100 per cent that they are indeed the parts for the new iPhone. Apple is very good at protecting [their] parts/devices until their launch, despite what people may think. It is very difficult to acquire them."

"The quality, build and markings suggest that they are accurate," the company said.

In the video, Justin places what he says are two iPhone 5 shells next to two iPhone 4S devices. The iPhone 5 front panels are longer and thinner than the iPhone 4S, while the camera and the proximity sensor have switched places.

The various cables, meanwhile, show off the rumoured 8-pin dock connector and a headphone jack that is on the bottom of the iPhone rather than the top.

On 15 August, a SmartPhone Medic employee named Tyler posted another video in which he showed off buttons and SIM card trays for the iPhone 5. According to Tyler, the sleep/wake button atop the iPhone 5 is slightly smaller than those on the iPhone 4/4S, as is the home button. The sleep/wake button received by SmartPhone Medic is also a gun-metal gray color rather than the silver on the iPhone 4/4S.

The SIM card slot is also smaller. In June, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) agreed on a new SIM card standard, selecting the option pushed by Apple.

Apple has not yet made any announcements, but Cupertino is largely expected to unveil the next-gen iPhone at a 12 September event and release it on 21 September.