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Qualcomm buys small cell modem maker DesignArt networks

US semiconductor giant Qualcomm has announced that it has acquired DesignArt networks, an Israeli company that designs small cell modem as well as cellular base stations and high speed wireless backhaul infrastructure. The terms of the deals were not disclosed.

The purchase, Qualcomm hopes, will allow the company to deliver much better wireless communications by bypassing licensed spectrums, which it considers to be both costly and limited in availability.

Qualcomm’s ability to integrate wireless communication hardware on the system-on-chip itself has long given it the edge over rivals and has been one of the reasons why the likes of Samsung sidestepped its own SoC to adopt Qualcomm’s Snapdragon range.

DesignArt’s purchase will allow it to expand its portfolio of small cell base station technologies and offer a more complete ecosystem capable of tackling heterogeneous networks more efficiently.

Qualcomm’s move coincides with a surge in interest in indoor Femtocells which could complement and extend the range of existing wireless broadband services without the cost.

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