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Today's Tech: Samsung Galaxy S3 design process revealed, BlackBerry could lose public sector dominance, IFA 2012 looms ahead

In what appears to be a delayed response to a jibe from Apple, Samsung has released a slick new video offering a glimpse into the design process behind its flagship Galaxy S3 handset. The 5-minute clip features interviews with a handful of Samsung designers and engineers, whose explanations of the conceptual influence of nature on the phone’s development spans its curved edges, sound effects, and user interface, which apparently takes its cue from “water that is about to overflow.”

The news churn rarely brings good news for BlackBerry manufacturer RIM these days, and the British government is the latest source of its woe. Whitehall is changing its system for ranking the security of phones it distributes to employees, and it looks like this will end the BlackBerry line’s stranglehold on the government’s mobile market. Other increasingly secure smartphones could now be adopted, in what turn out to be another blow for the Canadian firm.

If Spotify thought bombarding us with excruciatingly annoying audio ads would make us all sign up to its paid services to get rid of them, it was mistaken. The company’s financial report showed that just eight per cent of the music streaming service’s user base are signed up to paid monthly subscriptions, meaning 85.3 per cent of Spotify’s total revenue relies on just eight per cent of its following. The trend has partly contributed to the firm’s financial loss for 2011, so those Swedes will no doubt be thinking of more ways to annoy us until we cough up the dough for those paid deals.

We already know that the big data problem is begging to be solved, so it's no surprise that DataSift is venturing a pair of new solutions through its popular on-demand social data platform. Aimed at helping enterprises better manage the swathes of information contained within the social web, the Reading-based firm unveiled Push and Query Builder earlier this week. The new features are designed to integrate with existing business intelligence apps and native systems, in addition to simplifying the creation of sophisticated big data filters.

Looking ahead, IFA fever continues to grip the ITProPortal office going into the bank holiday weekend, and by the time the Carnival bass has settled over in Notting Hill next week, we’ll be on our way to Berlin and Europe’s biggest techstravaganza. By now, you’ve no doubt read our event overview and know that we’ve got a hub dedicated to IFA coverage. But what sort of thing can you expect when you tune in? Well, there’s a bit that we know is coming for sure, and there’s also plenty we’ve got a good feeling about - the Galaxy Note 2, 4K televisions, and Windows RT tablets. We’ll know from Wednesday, 29 August for sure, but until then, feel free to feast on our speculative round-up.