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Amazon Cloud Drive comes to the UK

Amazon’s answer to Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive and a flurry of other cloud-based storage services has officially landed in the country nearly 18 months after it was launched in the US.

The service is now available in all 27 EU member states and comes with a Mac and Windows-based Cloud Drive application that shows up on the file management solutions of the respective OSes.

Users will be able to upgrade to 20GB for 50p a month and up to 1TB for £26.67 monthly; note that only UK users can do so for now. The Cloud Player App however appears to be restricted to US only, possibly because of licensing issues.

Amazon, Google Drive, Ubuntu One and Apple iCloud all offer 5GB. Dropbox only gives 2GB while Skydrive ups the limit to 7GB. There are a number of other players like Sugarsync, Box or 4Shared that offer free online storage as well with some promising up to 200GB.

Last week, Amazon introduced Glacier, which is a nearline cloud storage solution that costs $1 per month for 90GB stored.

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