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Dashlane password management app gets Android release

Android users can now experience life in the Dashlane. The secure password manager has hit the Google Play store, catching up with its iPhone counterpart.

All data stored on Dashlane, on an Android device or the desktop application, is kept under lock-and-key with military-grade encryption that can be unlocked only with the user's master password, which isn't stored anywhere.

For any account already loaded on an Android device, the user can enter a pincode lock, rather than the longer, more difficult master password, for easy access.

"It's been an interesting ride – developing an app from scratch always is," Dashlane said in its company blog.

The company isn't finished yet, though.

"Well, building [version] 1.0 (now V1.0.1) has been a fun experience, but the journey has just begun!" the blog said.

Next, Dashlane will allow account creation on the Android platform, so users can create a new account directly from their phone, instead of using the desktop application. Also, the company will work to create a more seamless experience when moving between PC and Android.

The Android and desktop apps work hand-in-hand to allow you to manage passwords, generate super-secure ones, and store sensitive information in one place. So, when you need to fill out credit card numbers or identification data, Dashlane provides auto-fill, allowing instant logins and checkouts across the Web.

Dashlane is now available for free download in the Google Play store, compatible with devices running Android 2.3 and up.