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Evernote launches Moleskine collaboration & introduces new tools for small businesses

Evernote is expanding its remember-all technique to small corporations with the Evernote Business platform.

Evernote Business builds on the online and mobile application's core features, with the addition of small- and mid-sized (SMB) organisations, which can opt in for $10 (£6) per month, beginning in December.

The service, available in desktop, mobile, and tablet forms, can save, sync, and find information across devices, and will soon be available as a go-to product for businesses that need to reign in a dispersed workforce, Evernote said.

"We have always focused on building products we want to use," Evernote CEO Phil Libin said in a statement. "As we grew from a small start-up into a global, 200-employee business, we realized we needed to develop a product that allowed us to more easily share information with groups, improve the on-boarding process and ensure that business data ownership was clearly defined."

Evernote Business was developed to address specific requirements of the SMB market, the company said, allowing users to create, collaborate, and recall documents any time, on any device.

The new feature provides everything Evernote Premium users already enjoy, plus a larger monthly allowance, Offline Notebook access on mobile devices, enhanced note searching, and more.

By creating a directory of notebooks shared among all employees, businesses can collaborate with various members of the organisation, while a centralised administrators' console allows managers to review user access for the entire company.

In addition to the business platform, Evernote also announced its new Smart Notebook, which was built by journal-maker extraordinaire Moleskine.

"In Moleskine, we saw more than inspiration," Evernote's Andrew Sinkov wrote on the company blog. "We saw an opportunity to do something amazing together that fully embodied our Experience First thinking."

Moleskine notebooks, while beloved for their quality and style, Sinkov said, have one common problem: they are physical. So, Evernote partnered with Apple to create the limited-edition Evernote Smart Notebook, designed specifically for use with the new Evernote iOS app.

Take your ideas off of the written page, and carry them in your mobile device, where they are searchable, organised, and available forever, Evernote said.

With the physical appeal of a generic notebook – lined pages, durable cover, place-keeping ribbon – the Smart Notebook in fact carries pages of special dotted paper used with the iOS app's new Page Camera to shoot photos of your latest entry, then add it to the Evernote library for electronic safekeeping.

The Page Camera automatically improves the page contrast and removes shadows, Evernote said, by finding the dot pattern and correcting the skew of the photo.

"This means that the images that end up in your account are perfect, Sinkov said.

If magical paper isn't enough for you, each Moleskine Smart Notebook comes with a set of multi-colour Smart Stickers, which are recognised in the Evernote app, instantly tagging the note, or placing it into a specific pre-set notebook.

The Smart Notebook will be available in two sizes - pocket for $24.95 (£15) and large for $29.95 (£19) - beginning 1 October; they are available now for pre-order. Evernote's most recent iOS app version is also now downloadable from Apple's App Store.