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Microsoft advertising Surface tablet with New York City street art

Microsoft has taken to the streets to advertise its upcoming line of Surface tablets.

The Verge first posted a gallery of photos showcasing Surface artwork on a building wall in New York City – three tablet outlines, complete with coloured keyboard attachments, were highlighted by a line of lights. Since then, the campaign appears to be showing up around the city.

With no pricing information or further details – the only text is the word "Surface" in the centre of each rectangle – there is no word on whether this is an official Microsoft campaign, or just a very excited fan with some time on his or her hands.

Redmond declined to comment on the street art; a spokeswoman said only that "unfortunately, at this time, we have nothing more to share regarding the advertisements."

The Verge pointed to previous Microsoft advertising tactics, including San Francisco Windows Phone 7 street graffiti in 2010, which left the city's Department of Public Works miffed. The Washington-based company also used similar doodles during its 2002 MSN launch, The Verge said.

Microsoft in June unveiled its upcoming family of Surface tablets, touting the devices as the newest platform for the company's next-generation Windows 8 operating system. The all-in-one product includes a kickstand in the back, as well as a cover that doubles as a keyboard and touchpad.

CEO Steve Ballmer boasted last month that he expected Microsoft to sell at least several million Surface tablets following its October debut. During July's Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Ballmer forecast a total 275 million new Windows PCs will be sold in the next year, including the new tablet.

Late in July, Microsoft admitted that its line of tablets may sully its relationship with PC-maker partners, following a reported three-day heads up for companies like Acer, Dell, Asus, and others before unwrapping the new device.

Image Credit: The Verge