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Raspberry Pi meets Commodore C64 to create RaspCherry Pi

A German enthusiast has transformed his Cherry keyboard, the G80-3000, into a product that looks like a refreshed Commodore C64 by adding a £25 Raspberry Pi system board.

The finished device comes with four USB ports, a video out, HDMI, Wi-Fi and a LAN port. Interestingly, the keyboard itself costs twice the price of the Raspberry Pi board although we suspect you could use a cheaper model.

Recently, Asus had prototyped (and worked on) an Eee Pad keyboard product that was supposed to connect wirelessly to a TV set using Intel’s Wi-Di and house a complete computer.

The rise of cheap and tiny ARM-based barebone system boards means that we’re likely to see more of these DIY products appear in the future.

We’ve also noticed a rise in USB-powered dongles that connect to television sets and monitors via a HDMI port and offer the same hardware as an entry level Android smartphone without the battery, display and 3G connectivity - and at around a third of the price.

Source: Preamp