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Source confirms 'iPad mini' name

People have been unofficially referring to Apple's much-anticipated 7in tablet the 'iPad mini' for some time, and it looks like the company actually likes the name.

Apple blog site Macotakara, citing information from an unnamed source, said Apple is officially planning to name the forthcoming 7.85in tablet the 'iPad mini.' The source added that the device will sport the familiar iPad logo on the back of the case.

Signs are pointing to an October launch for the iPad Mini. Previously, rumours had been swirling that the tech giant would unveil the scaled-down tablet alongside the next-generation iPhone on 12 September. But now the word on the street is that Apple will raise the curtain on the new tablet at a separate event, and it won't hit store shelves until after the iPhone 5 is safely in the hands of the Apple faithful.

The rumour mill has suggested that the device will resemble a "big iPod Touch" with a thinner border around the edge than the 9.7in iPad, as well as separate volume buttons. Also, the current iPad is famous for its high-resolution Retina display, but the rumoured mini may have a cheaper screen, allowing it to be priced competitively against Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire, both available from $199 (£125).

But while the new iPad's moniker is seemingly coming into focus, the name of the next iPhone isn't so clear. While most people have been referring to it as the iPhone 5, Apple may simply opt to call it the "new iPhone." The company broke from its numbering system for its third-generation iPad, the successor to the iPad 2, deciding instead to simply call the device "the New iPad," and may do the same with its next smartphone.