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Grooveshark brings Android app back to Google Play

The Grooveshark music app has returned to Google Play more than a year after it was removed.

The music-streaming service allows users to search, play, and discover songs from the desktop or mobile apps. But Grooveshark has run into issues with music labels, which accused the service of failing to secure the proper licenses.

Grooveshark was pulled from Google Play in April 2011, but Google did not elaborate on the reason. Apple pulled the app from the App Store in August 2010 after it received a complaint from Universal Music Group UK.

In a statement provided to CNET, Grooveshark said it worked closely with Google to remove "rogue apps."

"Grooveshark is dedicated to helping music fans search, discover and share music while pioneering new artist promotion, distribution and monetization techniques," the company said. "We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Android and leverage this fantastic platform for our partners."

But as the Wall Street Journal noted, Grooveshark is still being sued by three of the four major record labels for copyright infringement.

The Grooveshark mobile app provides free access to radio streaming, but on-demand access requires a Premium subscription, which range in price from $6-9 (£4-6) per month.