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IFA 2012: Lenovo announces three affordable Ultrabook-like Ideapad laptops

Lenovo brought three new Ideapad laptops to the market in a bid to capture an audience of price-sensitive customers looking to get an Ultrabook-like device without the price tag.

The S300, S400 and S405 will sit alongside the S310 and S410, the current Ultrabooks on the Ideapad range. The first two will carry either an Intel Core i3 or a Core i5 while the S405 will be powered by an AMD A8 quad-core APU.

All three use the same chassis and measure less than 22mm thick and less than 1.8Kg. Lenovo has kept prices down by opting for a traditional magnetic hard drive (up to 500GB in the Intel models, up to 1TB on the AMD one), with an optional 32GB SSD to improve boot time.

The three laptops also have an intelligent management feature that increase the battery life to up to five hours. Other features include the AccuType keyboard, an “intelligent” touchpad, Lenovo’s Quick Start “instant on” functionality, its OneKey rescue system, 4GB of RAM, 14in 1,366 x 768 pixels, HDMI out, three USB ports and a card slot.

According to Lenovo, the laptops are available for purchase now, from £349, but we couldn’t find one either on the company’s shopping site or at one of their numerous partners.

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