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Vimeo introduces automatic uploading with Dropbox parternship

Vimeo has announced that it has teamed up with cloud-based file-storage and synchronisation service Dropbox to ease the process of uploading videos.

Users can now connect their Vimeo and Dropbox accounts and upload video files to the video-sharing website directly from Dropbox, Vimeo's vice president of creative development Blake Whitman wrote in a blog post. This should save Dropbox users some time and hassle when looking to share videos on the Web, as it means you'll no longer have to actually visit Vimeo to upload them.

Even better, users can automatically upload any video they save to Dropbox. To so do, you simply drop the video into the auto-upload folder that appears when you link accounts, and it will be automatically uploaded to Vimeo.

Another benefit is that users don't have to wait for the download to complete before closing their browser window or navigating to another site.

"When uploading from Dropbox, you can leave the browser window as soon as you start uploading. No need to babysit a progress bar," Whitman wrote.

As an alternative to YouTube, Vimeo has made a name for itself among independent filmmakers and musicians. The site only allows original content made by users, making its selection slightly less arbitrary, albeit less expansive, than videos found on the Google-owned site.

Vimeo is planning to announce some more features in the coming weeks, Whitman added. For now, you can connect your Vimeo and Dropbox accounts from the Vimeo Apps Settings menu.