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IFA 2012: Samsung 55in OLED TV launches in Europe

Samsung has launched its 55in OLED TV for the first time in Europe.

To drive home the point, the company's booth here at IFA will feature 25 of these 55in OLED TVs, nine of which will be suspended from the ceiling and rotating around.

Samsung said its ES9500 OLED TV includes self-emitting sub pixels that can reproduce life-like colours and create a more immersive viewing experience. OLED technology can pick out different degrees of black, allowing for "unparalleled detail" with shadows, shapes, and colours, Samsung said. The company also promised faster response time and no motion blur, which is ideal for action scenes and sporting events.

The ES9500 includes a super-slim bezel and a design that gets slimmer at the edges of its metallic frame. A small camera is embedded in the device; it pops up when in use and then disappears into the set when not needed.

During a press conference here, Samsung touted its Multi View, which lets two people watch two different shows at the same time on the same screen, thanks to Samsung Multi View 3D glasses with integrated earphones. During its press event, Samsung showed off the feature with an exec watching sports while a spokesmodel watched the movie Mirror, Mirror.

These 55in OLED sets first made their debut in the US earlier this year at CES, where Samsung and LG both showed off their OLED TVs.

Also at IFA, Samsung has showed off its brand-new Galaxy Note 2 phone-tablet hybrid and a series of Windows 8 products.