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Pirate Bay's Gottfrid Svartholm arrested in Cambodia

Reports indicate that the founder of the popular file-sharing site The Pirate Bay, Gottfrid Svartholm, was picked up by Cambodian police on Thursday.

There's no indication as to what the 27-year-old was specifically arrested for, but Svartholm's lawyer has since been quoted as saying that the arrest likely relates to Svartholm's presence on an "international wanted list."

Although there's no formal extradition treaty between Cambodia and Sweden, it's possible that Svartholm could be shipped back to Sweden to begin serving a 12 month jail sentence finalised in October of last year.

Svartholm was originally supposed to join three Pirate Bay colleagues in a November 2010 decision by the Swedish Appeal Court, which doled out prison sentences ranging from four to 10 months and millions in damages to the trio.

Svartholm's sentence, however, was not finalised at that time, as medical reasons prevented him from attending the related hearings. Since then, he had proven increasingly impossible to locate – so much so, that his verdict was finalised by the same Court of Appeal last October without him even being present. He was expected to begin serving his sentence in early January – 12 months in jail and a large chunk of fines split between the four Pirate Bay defendants in total – but did not appear.

The four Pirate Bay accomplices were initially charged with "assisting copyright infringement" and "assisted making available copyright infringement" in January of 2008. Although Swedish prosecutors had to drop the "assisting copyright infringement" charge on the second day of the trial, they were ultimately successful in showing that the group was responsible for making 33 different copyrighted files available for sharing on the main Pirate Bay site.

Svartholm was arrested in his home city of Phnom Penh. There have not been any additional updates as to the condition of his health, nor any speculation as to how that might play into his potential extradition and jail sentence.