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T-Mobile working on VoIP service called Cleverconnect

Everything Everwhere’s T-Mobile is working on a new voice over IP service called CleverConnect that will rival the likes of Skype or Rebtel and is aimed at customers who want to use their smartphones to call abroad.

The service (which should not be confused with CleverConnect chipsets) is currently available for a group of selected testers and will only be rolled out to T-Mobile customers. Like other similar applications, this one – which will be available on iOS and Android platforms only - runs on Wi-Fi or 3G and is clever enough to choose the cheaper way to call.

While calls to other CleverConnect customers will be free, calls to landline and mobile on other destinations will still carry a cost. For example, calling any UK landline will cost 2.4p per minute while calls to any mobile (including T-Mobile) will cost 10p a minute.

T-Mobile – which has yet to specify any release dates - will also launch packages allowing customers to call landlines and mobiles for the same rate (e.g. calls to Europe and US/Canada for £4.99 for 100 minutes).

It’s worth noting that Three has been offering Skype for ages and that Telefonica-owned O2 has an app called TU Me that is similar to CleverConnect.

Source: T-Mobile

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