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UPDATE: Google problems still being reported

UPDATE IV (12:30 GMT): Google's response to our query has been to point us in the direction of the Google Apps Status Dashboard (opens in new tab), which has not logged a service disruption today.

However, judging by our readers' recent comments and ongoing reports on social media, it seems like some users are still being affected by problems heading into the afternoon. Twitter user Loren Elliott (@lorenelliottiyu), for instance, tweeted, "Gmail down.... what is going on Google?" less than half an hour ago.

The glitches are potentially connected to the shuttling of a number of the search giant's services (opens in new tab) - the "cleaning" alluded to earlier. For what it's worth, Google is now running smoothly on our systems.

Keep telling us about your Google experience today via the comment section below.

Initial Report

It's just after 09:00 (GMT), and the ITProPortal team is starting to settle down into the morning news grind.

The only problem? Google appears to be experiencing significant difficulties this morning, and has been for the last 20-odd minutes.

First, we found ourselves unable to access the search engine's homepage. Then, one of our Google Docs refused to refresh for about five minutes and the cloud storage service has been slow and patchy since.

‏And it's not just the ITPP editorial desk experiencing problems either. Twitter users are also reporting problems with the site, and particularly with Gmail. (opens in new tab)

"Not just Gmail, all Google services appear to be down!" tweeted @pedro_matias.

More to come as we continue to investigate the story and are forced to contemplate using Bing.

Are you experiencing problems with Google today?

UPDATE III (10:25): All seems well in the online sphere again. Multiple sources are now pointing to a cleaning exercise by the search giant that resulted in the temporary hiccups. We'll get back to you if and when Google releases an official statement, but until then, enjoy not having to deploy Microsoft's search tool.

UPDATE II (09:40 GMT): Twitter user Phil, aka @powderedegg, has ventured one possible explanation of this morning's brief existential crisis, writing: "The internet isn't down, google making some (planned?) changes."

UPDATE (09:25 GMT): ITProPortal has contacted Google and is currently awaiting a response regarding the difficulties being faced by web surfers this morning. Most aspects of the multi-faceted online portal are now functioning regularly, though Google Docs is still running inconsistently on our systems.

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