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IFA 2012: Toshiba planning 4K-capable laptop for 2013 has learned that Japanese Electronics giant Toshiba plans to launch at least one laptop that can output to 4K resolution as early as 2013 (that’s either 3,840 or 4,096 pixels by 2,160 pixels).

While the number of devices capable of displaying 4K content has been growing (and prices slowly falling), the same can’t be said about devices that can output to 4K, partly because there’s no industry standard to output 4K over HDMI from a playback product.

What’s a quasi-certainty is that this will be solved next year allowing Toshiba to be among the first to release a laptop that can output a 4K data stream.

Toshiba did not say whether the laptop’s screen would be 4K or whether it would only be able to output via HDMI (that’s a remote possibility given that an 18.4in Qosmio laptop – like the X500-149 - would almost have the same pixel density as Apple’s latest MacBook Pro with Retina Display).

Both Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 6x0M and the Radeon HD 79x0M GPU series are capable of comfortably handling 4K content. Toshiba also showcased an 84in 4K TV during IFA 2012 that uses its own CEVO Engine technology.

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