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Simplifying Cloud Deployment: Optimisation for Cost and Efficiency

With a cloud delivery platform, monthly charges are based on actual compute resources used; therefore it is critical that cloud-enabled applications run efficiently. Periodic performance tuning and load testing are necessary to optimise applications.

Reporting to the engagement manager, a service delivery manager and his team should prepare a weekly report that identifies operating trends and specific incidents. The team should review these issues on a weekly call with the customer and develop additional operating procedures in response to the trends and incidents.

For example, if a customer’s service on a server goes down on Tuesday at 2 a.m. The immediate problem is handled by the incident management process. Through the post mortem process, the service delivery team notices that it has happened every Tuesday at 2 a.m. for the past several weeks, making it possible for the team to develop additional standard procedure that mitigates the risk.

On a monthly basis, the service delivery team should take a more holistic approach, looking at usage patterns to determine how best to utilize the current resources.

A number of optimisation options should be evaluated, including:

  • Consolidating underutilised resources.
  • Optimisation based on time of day usage.
  • Optimisation based on seasonal demand.
  • Optimisation based on lifecycle usage variations.

The teams should meet quarterly, look forward at initiatives for the coming quarter and revisit the business plan. That will enable them to determine the ongoing readiness to scale and support the upcoming initiatives.

Given the complexity of the endeavour, enterprises need to select a cloud vendor that will partner with them through the entire on-boarding process. The key to a successful, secure and compliant implementation is a thorough engagement process from beginning to end.

By Tammy Sweat-chipman, Regional Vice President, Delivery Services, NaviSite

Tammy Sweat-Chipman is the Regional Vice President, Delivery Services for NaviSite. She is an innovative technology leader with over 20 years of business and technology experience, spanning a variety of global industry footprints. Her proven track record gives her the unique ability to quickly and effectively assess technology environments to ensure that projects provide customers with a complete, timely and cost effective solution.