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Today's Tech: Google stutters, Nokia product launches imminent, and Apple will rue aggressive patent litigation strategy

Tuesday kicked off in slightly confusing fashion, with the ITProPortal news desk taking a while to get up and running after we discovered that Google was experiencing a few uncharacteristic technical problems.

The search giant's homepage went down first, after which Google Docs started stuttering as well. It turns out we weren't the only ones having difficulties today. Indeed, widespread fails were being reported via social media this morning and into the afternoon, with Gmail in fact emerging as the prime offender. Google's official Apps Status Dashboard failed to report a problem, but other reports emerged indicating that the disruptions were caused by a clean-up of the site's services.

September's inaugural week promises a lot for Nokia fans, and the world's press, including ITProPortal, started flocking to New York today or a special launch event. The Finnish firm will be hoping that its revival starts here, and new handsets in the form of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 appear to be fronting a fresh assault on the market. Photos of the two Windows Phone 8 models were leaked online at the end of last week, and the same source of this revelation has slipped another image into the mix that will no doubt heighten anticipation ahead of the announcements expected in the Big Apple in the coming days.

Elsewhere, shadowy organisation Anonymous lodged another blow at the heart of national security, announcing that it had stolen over 12 million Apple user IDs from an FBI agent's laptop after exploiting a vulnerability in Java. The renegade hacking collective posted a mere million of the UDIDs online, apparently to highlight the way that secure personal information being stored by corporations and governments could be used to monitor the civilian populace. Of course, if security is what turns you off and on again, then we've also got a full roundup of the hottest news from the world of cyber attacks and malware today, which also includes the continued spread of the Mahdi virus.

IFA 2012 is starting to draw to a close and, thanks to US rappers' growing penchant for endorsing headphones, it wasn't just nerdy technicians that ITProPortal got to speak to in Berlin last week. Curtis Jackson – you probably know him as 50 Cent – is joining the likes of Dr Dre and Ludacris in promoting a line of audio products, with 'SMS by 50' set to spread through Europe having already hit shelves Stateside and in the UK. Forget gangster reputation and hip-hop bravado - 50 was friendly and knowledgeable when interviewed by us in Germany, and offered some interesting views on philanthropy in the industry.

Finally, just because the Apple vs Samsung patent trial reached its conclusion in California 10 days ago, it doesn't mean that the underlying issues have necessarily been put to bed. Far from it in fact. As fallout and analysis rumbles on, ITPP today presents a case for Apple's potential decline and asks whether its legal victory will really done the firm much good in the long term. It's a compelling argument that suggests it's not all doom and gloom for Samsung just yet, and has already inspired some impassioned debate.