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Liveblog: Nokia Switch to Lumia Windows Phone 8 event in New York

We're in New York where Nokia will be launching two new Windows Phone 8 handsets in a few moments. What we know right now is that Nokia's main message will be to get people to "Switch to Lumia". Stay with us as the Finnish company pulls the curtains on the new devices

16:32 - 05 September

Q&A ends. "Ladies and Gents, it's time to switch to Lumia". These are the parting words of Elop. Time for us to check the Lumia 920 now.

16:31 - 05 September

Nokia says it has a very significant opportunity to increase its marketshare over the next few months by being unique and innovative.

16:29 - 05 September

Pureview on Lumia is about low light and image stabilisation. On the 808, it was all about lossless compression.

16:28 - 05 September

In general, all of the historic apps should work on WP8.

16:28 - 05 September

Elop says that Nokia is on a journey to make innovative work on Windows Phone. Many more steps coming in the months ahead.

16:27 - 05 September

Windows Phone 8 will come with enhanced security features like full encryption.

16:26 - 05 September

Q: Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet? A: No plans to announce tablets at the moment. Quite clear that the experience expands beyond the smartphone. Nokia looking at that very closely. A real opportunity though.

16:25 - 05 September

A: Elop quips that the event today showed a working Windows Phone 8 device.

16:25 - 05 September

Q: Someone asked what Nokia thinks about Samsung ATIV S stealing the thunder at IFA?

16:24 - 05 September

Q: Will apps be available elsewhere or only for the US? A: Depends on the app and country by country

16:22 - 05 September

Q: Stuart Miles from Pocket-Lint asks when we can get one? A: No specific timing. Q4 will see Lumia arrive in select markets.

16:21 - 05 September

Q&A time now...

16:21 - 05 September

Elop says that Nokia is creating the most personal smartphone experience. Calls Lumia the most innovative smartphone. Event ends.

16:19 - 05 September

Ballmer says that around 400 million devices will run Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT by this time next year.

16:18 - 05 September

16:17 - 05 September

Have now compared the Lumia 920 with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The pictures on the Lumia 920 appear to be significantly better, much better. Note that default settings were used. No photofinish here. Pureview wins hands down.

Lumia 820 at last! Exchangeable shells. microSD card slot. 1,650mAh battery, 4.3in display. Most of the features on the Lumia 920 will be transferred to the 820. Lumia 820 comes with wireless charging as well.

Steve Ballmer takes central stage with Stephen Elop. He speaks about Windows in general - 2012 will be the year of Windows.

16:07 - 05 September

Largest aperture on any smartphones (f/2.0). Floating lens uses micro springs. Image stabilization up to 50 per cent better than high end SLR cameras...?

16:07 - 05 September

Existing Lumia devices will also get some of the features as part of Nokia's commitment to supporting legacy devices.

16:04 - 05 September

Cinemograph lens demo now. Where you can add motion to a picture. Possibly the fastest way to make a GIF.

16:03 - 05 September

Object remover demo in Smartshoot. Basically removes unwanted "moving objects". Ideal for taking pictures in busy locations. Rather popular feature with journalists here.

16:01 - 05 September

Demoing Angry Birds Roost app. Everything about AB in one handy location. Smashing.

15:59 - 05 September

Now demoing CityLens on Lumia 920. Still nothing about the Lumia 820.

15:58 - 05 September

JBL also has rather nifty NFC headphones.

15:58 - 05 September

15:56 - 05 September

Wireless charging demo now. Hmmm... Nothing to report here. Phone is charging. Showing a new accessory form JBL, the PowerUp, which uses NFC and wireless charging to make the most of the Lumia 920 capabilities.

15:54 - 05 September

Lumia 920 supports gloves and mittens :) No need to remove your gloves now.

15:53 - 05 September

15:53 - 05 September

He says that the pixel transition on the Lumia 920 display is 2.5x faster than other smartphones, 25 per cent brighter than the competition. Resolution is WXGA. Shields reiterates the claim that the Lumia 920 has the best LCD screen on the market. A very bold claim.

15:51 - 05 September

Just viewed a fantastic presentation slide showing it compared to some other rival smartphones. Glass is even stronger than on previous Lumia.

15:50 - 05 September

Same body as Lumia 800... Mentions it doesn't have a "needless metal element", Available in a number of colours. Red, Grey, black, white.

15:49 - 05 September

Lumia 920 is a smartphone that "proudly stands out of the crowd" according to Shields.

15:48 - 05 September

Windows Phone 8's main forte will be visuals it seems. Kevin Shields, senior VP at Nokia, now explains more about the Lumia 920.

15:45 - 05 September

Pushed directly to Skydrive & automatically available on other devices.

15:45 - 05 September

Full resolution, automatic upload of pictures and videos coming. Seamless. Nice :)

15:44 - 05 September

Joe is doing a demo using Microsoft's great panoramic app, Photosynth.

15:43 - 05 September

Oddly enough, I've only seen a Lumia 920 that's bright yellow (think Canary yellow).

15:42 - 05 September

Lenses button. Allows the user to add to the picture via 3rd party applications like Bing Vision, Photosynth, FXSuite etc. Application would run and take over the normal viewfinder window.

15:40 - 05 September

Windows Phone 8 no longer has a zoom bar, supports pinch-to-zoom.

15:38 - 05 September

Device comes with NFC by the way. You can share screen shots using "tap and send".

15:37 - 05 September

Windows Phone 8 now supports screenshots :) Now going to photography features.

15:36 - 05 September

Rescaling is done on the fly, seamlessly.

15:36 - 05 September

Demoing hardware accelerated HTML5 app from Pulse. Same code on phone, tablet and PC.

15:35 - 05 September

Syncing live tiles both on Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is a smashing idea. Will we see Windows 8 phones though like this Fujitsu model?

15:33 - 05 September

Windows Phone catalogue has way more than 100,000 apps partly because WP8 and Windows 8 share a common DNA, making it easier for devs to code apps.

15:32 - 05 September

Small people tiles includes photos and notifications. To be honest, the older "tile" interface was cleaner and less cluttered.

15:30 - 05 September

Small size live tiles, new in Windows Phone 8.

15:29 - 05 September

Starts with the Start Experience AKA the Home screen of the Windows Phone handset.

15:28 - 05 September

Says more on Windows Phone 8, focuses on new areas that haven't been shown before.

15:28 - 05 September

Joe Belfiore, corporate VP @ Microsoft, takes the stage.

15:26 - 05 September

You can charge mobile phones at any Qi wireless charging spots. Nokia will bring wireless charging to Virgin Atlantic (in Heathrow the Club House) and the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf coffee shops.

15:25 - 05 September

She expands on wireless charging. A "fat boy recharge pillow" as she calls it that allows your phone to recharge without wires. Uses Qi wireless charging standard.

15:24 - 05 September

Has a 2,000mAh battery onboard and a Snapdragon S4 system-on-chip.

15:23 - 05 September

Nokia has improved ClearBlack, it is now an active feature that adjusts itself to the ambient light.

15:22 - 05 September

Smartphone has a 4.5in display with a 1,280 x 768 pixels.

15:22 - 05 September

PureMotion HD+ is the best smartphone display innovation from Nokia, says Jo Harlow. Fast refresh rate that keeps moving pictures sharp and flicker-free.

15:20 - 05 September

Nokia maps also gets augmented reality mode - you can see both direction and points of interest nearby.

15:20 - 05 September

Details how maps on Nokia Windows Phone 8 will work. Includes estimated time to destination. New Augmented reality app called City Lens included as well.

15:18 - 05 September

True offline maps that work will come to Nokia phones.

15:16 - 05 September

Replaces HD camcorder as well, floating lens acts as a built in image stabiliser.

15:16 - 05 September

New Nokia pureview uses floating lens technology that surpasses technology in some SLRs. Captures up to 10 times more light than competing smartphones.

15:14 - 05 September

Expands on the PureView capabilities. Says that we don't have any control on lighting and no time to set controls/settings.

15:12 - 05 September

She adds "this is Lumia and it is time to switch"

15:12 - 05 September

Built in wireless charging and Windows Phone 8.

15:12 - 05 September

Nokia Lumia 920 launched with Pureview and City Lens, PureMotion HD+

15:10 - 05 September

Presentation starts. Uber loud music.

15:10 - 05 September

Presentation starts. Uber loud music.

15:09 - 05 September

Jo Harlow takes the stage, she is the one in charge of the Lumia range.

15:09 - 05 September

Nokia has become a more nimble company, listening more to its stakeholders and going through a transition that aims to deliver great mobile products.

15:08 - 05 September

Other partners will join the fray as well. More announcements to come at a later date.

15:08 - 05 September

Nokia Location platform will be part of the Windows Phone 8 experience.

15:07 - 05 September

Nokia will differentiate, creating a distinctive Nokia experience.

15:07 - 05 September

Nokia is identifying ways on how to predict future disruptions.

15:06 - 05 September

A whopping 10 new devices. Also mentions a proxy browser that saves Indians around Rs 7 million a day.

15:05 - 05 September

Beyond the smartphone. He now speaks about the Asha devices and how to connect the next billion.

15:04 - 05 September

Number of Windows Phone 8 apps grows to more than 100K, three times faster since Nokia joined WP.

15:04 - 05 September

That's thanks to the Lumia 610.

15:03 - 05 September

China is the largest Windows Phone market in the world.

15:03 - 05 September

He talks about faceless "monoblocks" like Android phones and iOS. Says Windows Phone ecosystem has been growing.

15:01 - 05 September

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, takes the stage.

15:01 - 05 September

The giant phones have now been switched on. Literally. Apologies for those humongous pictures.

14:57 - 05 September

Lights have been dimmed and lounge music is being blasted to our ears.

14:56 - 05 September

The event is about to begin in front of a packed house.

14:53 - 05 September

Hello everyone, we're now live from New York in a fashionable art gallery for the launch of the two Lumia handsets based on Windows Phone 8, namely the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920.

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