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Today's Tech: Nokia launches handsets in New York, FBI denies Anonymous claims, Samsung Galaxy S3 gets Quick Tap NFC feature

Nokia will be grabbing the headlines today, but more on that in a moment because Sweden is also playing its part in keeping tech eyes on Scandinavia just now. The country has been ranked top of the Sir Tim Berners-Lee World Wide Web Foundation’s new global index (opens in new tab), which ranks the usage and impact of the web in countries across the world. Following the Swedes in second is the US, while the UK steals a bronze medal in third. To see how the index was put together and for other interesting stats about Internet use, follow the link above.

The big security story of the week has come in the form of more Anonymous antics, after the hacking collective stole a whopping 12 million Apple Unique Identifiers (opens in new tab) via an attack on an FBI agent’s computer. The group said the hack was part of its AntiSec campaign to expose the security flaws in corporate and government stored information, and this, unsurprisingly, hasn’t sat well with the FBI. In fact, the organisation is denying the whole thing (opens in new tab). Read on for the full story.

(opens in new tab)More security news, and Android has again come under the spotlight for its malware vulnerability. According to new research from McAfee, the Google OS is becoming increasingly targeted (opens in new tab), and almost all new mobile malware detected in the last quarter was directed at the platform. This includes SMS-based malware, mobile botnets, spyware, and destructive Trojans – giving Android security engineers quite the headache.

Near field communication, or NFC as you're probably used to seing it, is being adopted by mobile manufacturers left, right and centre. Now, the sales-smashing Samsung Galaxy S3 has become the first Android device to get Quick Tap NFC functionality (opens in new tab), which uses the technology to make payments on special NFC points. The service comes via a joint venture from Orange and Barclaycard, allowing S3 users to load their handset with up to £150 and pay for all kinds of things with a simple tap of the phone. It’s a payment method we may all be using before long, so click the link and check the full story.

#SwitchtoLumia. That’s what Nokia is telling us today, as it launches two new handsets in New York. The tech world has flocked to the Big Apple, all eyes and ears to check out the Finns’ attempt to kick-start a company revival. Among the media throng is ITProPortal’s Desire Athow, who is live blogging the event this very moment (opens in new tab), so what are you still doing here? Follow that link!

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