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AVG launches Windows 8-inspired Internet security suite

AVG has unveiled a new line-up of Internet security products that the Prague-headquartered company said will offer customers faster scanning and support for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, and ITProPortal was on hand in New York for the official launch of the software.

Like previous versions, AVG Internet Security 2013 is available on a freemium model, and both versions of the product have been overhauled ahead of the 26 October launch of Windows 8. While the core technology remains the same, the software’s interface has been radically redesigned to reflect Microsoft’s simple, streamlined ‘Modern’ UI and will accordingly offer touchscreen support.

AVG's Internet Security 2013 offers antivirus, antimalware, and antispam features, as well as an integrated security firewall and a tool to prevent against Wi-Fi hacking. AVG claims the new version of its suite of software bests previous editions with a 26 per cent faster boot time, 35 per cent faster scan time, and an 11 per cent reduction in the size of its footprint.

The software also includes AVG’s Do Not Track tool, which was first launched in March and purports to allow users to identify what websites are tracking their online activity and to block them from doing so.

“The rapid uptake of new technologies is making the connected, online world a more complex place to navigate. Our customers want to focus on enjoying using the internet with confidence and peace of mind that they are protected, so it’s our responsibility to make security products that are simple and straightforward to use,” said AVG CEO JR Smith.

“As a result, we’ve put simplicity, privacy, performance and our leading protection technology at the heart of AVG’s 2013 range of products, because we know those are the things our customers value the most in a security product,” Smith added.

The company, whose February IPO valued it at $128 million (£80 million), claims some 128 million users, 15 million of which are paid subscribers to one of AVG’s products.

The firm is also pushing its mobile-oriented protection, with its Free AntiVirus for Android. The mobile software’s features include scannning for malware, infected web links, SMS scams and an anti-theft tool for tracking stolen devices.

Speaking to ITProPortal, Omri Sigelman, AVG’s vice president for marketing and sales of mobile solutions, stressed the importance of mobile security protection, supporting previous claims that Android is indeed the next frontier in cybercrime, as hackers shift from sabotage to monetisation as their primary goal.

“In our constantly connected world, many people trust their most personal information to devices they carry with them everywhere they go. Cybercriminals see this as a significant opportunity and are developing increasingly sophisticated, socially engineered attacks to catch the unwary and trusting user,” said Sigelman.

AVG’s Internet Security 2013 is downloadable from the company’s website, and its Android security software is available in the Google Play store.