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Spotify rival Rdio enables users to keep listening habits private

Streaming music service Rdio this week unveiled a new Protected Account option, which will shield you and your guilty pleasures from prying eyes.

Protected Accounts are the first of Rdio's new privacy features, and they allow users to approve new followers before they get a glimpse of a profile and playlists. "Unapproved users will simply see a lock icon next to the username and a Request to Follow button when they view a Protected Account," Rdio said in a blog post.

All Rdio profiles are set to public by default, so users can keep track of your music-listening habits. To set your account to Protected, just visit the "Advanced" tab in the settings, then click "Set Account to Protected" to enable the change.

Much like Twitter or Instagram, if someone tries to follow a Protected Account, Rdio will alert the user via email or Rdio notification. Protected users must approve all new followers, and can choose to remove anyone at any time.

Playlists can also be protected, and only approved followers will be able to collaborate, according to Rdio.

Rival Spotify faced some user backlash when it tied its service to Facebook, which automatically broadcast every song a person listened to directly to their Facebook news feed. The music service eventually provided users with the ability to opt out of Facebook links.

Earlier this year, Rdio unwrapped a revamped music-streaming service aimed at providing a more visually appealing interface with easier navigation. The beta version for paid users was released in March at SXSW; free users were switched over to the new site in May.

Upgrades included much-requested features like drag-and-drop playlist creation, a static left-hand bar, and a deeper focus on music discovery.

"We wanted to make sure the service felt like an application even though it runs in a browser," Malthe Sigurdsson, vice president of Rdio product design, said in May.