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Adobe Photoshop Touch gets Retina display support

Adobe today released an update to Photoshop Touch that adds Retina display support, amongst other improvements.

Photoshop Touch 1.3 is now available in the App Store and Google Play for £6.99; existing users will get today's update for free.

For those using the app on the new Apple iPad, Adobe said users will "see your images like never before," thanks to added support for the tablet's Retina display.

"The interface, text, and virtually all other areas are now more crisp and clean as well," Adobe's Stephen Nielson wrote in a blog post. "It was no easy task to get such a complex app like Photoshop Touch to work with the Retina display, but we think you'll love the result."

Adobe said Photoshop Touch has been boosted to support print-resolution images, up to 12-megapixels with several layers. The default setting is 4.2-megapixels with 10 layers, but it can be raised to 12-megapixels in Preferences (the iPad 2 supports up to 10-megapixels). The app can handle up to 16 full-size layers in a single file, Adobe said.

Other new features include: the shred and colourise effects; smoother animation and scrolling in the organiser, tutorial browser, and file picker; a three-finger tap gesture to toggle between views; a pixel-nudging mode for more precise movements; Adobe Photo Stream support on the iPad; and bug fixes.