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LinkedIn adds Facebook-style notifications for live interaction

LinkedIn this week launched a new notifications feature, which lets users know in real-time when someone interacts with them on the networking site.

Reminiscent of Facebook's own notifications, LinkedIn added flag and envelope icons to its header; a red circle appears upon receiving a new message or other notice. Users will be reminded of comments or likes on their shares, an accepted connection request, new inMails, and more.

"This new feature is all part of our ongoing effort to make it easier to keep engaging discussions going with your network," Angela Yang, LinkedIn associate product manager, wrote in a blog post.

The new notifications started rolling out on Wednesday, but it may take a few weeks for all members to see the flag appear on their homepage.

The same notification tool will be arriving soon on Android, iPhone, and iPad applications, Yang said. LinkedIn breathed new life into its mobile apps in August, when faster versions for both platforms were unveiled.

The company recently revealed that its mobile page views grew more than 400 per cent year over year, bolstering the need for a mobile update. LinkedIn is also available on Windows Phone.

This is just a piece of LinkedIn's greater redesign plans, which started with a revamped news page in July. That came shortly after LinkedIn broke up with Twitter over API issues.