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New Wii U rumour points to 11 November launch

Another week, another supposed leak revealing the date that Nintendo plans to release its next-generation Wii U video game console. The rumour mill now points to an 11 November release date for the successor to the seventh-generation Wii console that shook things up in gaming land back in late 2006.

The rumour comes from CNET, which passed on a report by the Nintendo Life blog concerning a supposed listing of three Wii U SKUs by retail supplier Video Product Distributors (VPD), complete with pricing and the 11 November availability date. For the purposes of attribution accuracy, it appears that Nintendo Life may have learned of the rumour from yet another gaming blog, Go Nintendo.

VPD doesn't have the Wii U bundles listed on its site anymore, but a video capturing the supposed page (since removed) was reportedly posted to YouTube earlier this week, according to Nintendo Life. CNET points to a screenshot of the VPD listings as well.

It listed the following Wii U SKUs, with pricing and availability:

  • WIIU SYSTEM - GM 11/11/12 $249.99 (£157)
  • WIIU SYSTEM W/ - GM 11/11/12 $299.99 (£188)
  • WIIU SYSTEM 349 W/ - GM 11/11/12 $349.99 (£219)

What's not clear is what you'd be getting for the extra $50 (£31) and $100 (£63) attached to the two SKUs above the assumed entry-level console. What's also not clear is if this latest "leak" is in any way an accurate reflection of Nintendo's plans for the Wii U.

For what it's worth, the price for the entry-level Wii U "seems dead on," according to CNET's Scott Stein, and the release date falls in line with Nintendo's plan to get its next-gen console on the shelves in time for the holidays.

But we've heard Nintendo Wii rumours before, like the one from late August that pointed to an 18 November release date based on a PowerPoint slide supposedly leaked accidently during a presentation from accessory maker Performance Designed Products (PDP).

PDP later denied ever leaking such a slide or having any inside knowledge of Nintendo's plans for that matter. Nintendo, meanwhile, has not named an official launch date for its new console.