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Windows 8 Upgrade Offer: 4 more things to know

The end of October promises to be torrid as Microsoft’s latest operating system takes centre stage together with Office 2013, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8.

Here are a few things that we believe you should know if you want to go down the Windows 8 route. We published another list of 4 things you need to know about the Windows 8 Upgrade offer.

You can only buy five upgrades per customer. This means that only the smallest of businesses will be able to buy computers during the transition period with Windows 7 and then get them upgraded to Windows 8 Pro for £15 until the launch of the OS and £25 immediately afterwards. But, in theory, you should be able to avoid that limit by buying the upgrades from Amazon where the OS has already gone on preorder for £50.

Windows RT, which runs on ARM only and does come with a full version of Office 2013 (Word, Excel, Note and PowerPoint), will not be available for sale to the general public. It will be available only to ODM/OEM partners but we do expect unlicensed copies to leak to DIYers and tweakers who could potentially put it on anything running ARM; from the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire or even a Windows Phone device.

In theory, you will be able to buy a Windows 8 upgrade to install on a refurbished computer. We’re not sure how Microsoft would check that, given that it doesn’t ask for a physical proof of purchase when processing a claim. Ditto when checking whether a product has been purchased on or before 2 June, which happens to be the start of the promotion.

The full version of Windows 8 Pro will cost a whopping $199 (around £149) after the introductory offer expires in January 2013. Which makes the current £14.99 offer look like a no-brainer, especially for consumers and very small companies.

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