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Mono recording only for Nokia Lumia 920?

Say what you will about the video-recording capabilities of Nokia's recently announced Lumia 920 smartphone. Given that Nokia faked the video that allegedly demonstrated the camera's "PureView" video stabilisation capabilities, the jury's still out on just how well the phone's 8.7-megapixel camera works in real-world conditions.

However, a bit of reporting by SlashGear's Chris Davies shows a slight problem with the smartphone's audio recording capabilities too. Specifically, Damian Denning, Nokia's lead program manager of Imaging Experience took to Twitter to reveal that Nokia's top-shelf device only records audio in mono — the 808 PureView smartphone gets stereo recording.

The quality of the mics in the two smartphones are identical, as are the phones' capabilities to record up to 140 decibels of sound using these three "High Amplitude Audio Capture" microphones — around 20 or so more decibels than the level at which conventional microphones top out and distort sound.

Denning does note that his explanation of the Lumia 920's mono recording is based on the phone's launch software. It is unclear at this time whether that leaves the door open for a potential firmware or software update down the line that gives the phone the same stereo recording option as its lesser Lumia brethren.

Other comparisons that Denning delivered between the Lumia 920 and the 808 PureView — aside from the latter's 41-megapixel camera — include the comment that the 808 delivers superior image quality and detailing versus the 920 in standard conditions. However, the 920 will produce better images in low-light conditions as a result of its ability to better combat image blur (and allow users to take pictures with longer shutter speeds as a result).

But that's only when comparing each phone's "automatic" mode for pictures. According to Denning, the 808 PureView will deliver the better picture-taking experience in "night mode" or manual controls as a result of the phone's oversampling capabilities.