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Sony Xperia Tablet S goes on sale

The Xperia Tablet S, which was unveiled at IFA two weeks ago, has gone on sale at Sony’s online store for as little as £329.

Three models are available, two 16GB ones (one with 3G and one without for £429 and £329 respectively) and a 32GB non-Wi-Fi version for £379, undercutting the price of the new iPad.

The tablet borrows the same design as its predecessor, the Sony Tablet S, but improves on the processor – which is now a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 system-on-chip clocked at 1.3GHz – and swaps the OS for Ice Cream Sandwich (you can still grab a refurbished version of the Tablet S for only £285 direct from Sony).

Other new features include an aluminium splashproof body plus an integrated universal remote control with macro functionality and Sony Social Life, a social aggregator.

The rest of the configuration remains the same: a 9.4in 1,280 x 800 resolution OptoContrast display, 1GB of RAM, an SD card slot, DLNA, Bluetooth, an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 1-megapixel front one, two speakers, up to 12 hours battery life plus a proprietary connector for accessories.

Source: Sony

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