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AMD launches new Intel-powered SeaMicro SM15000 server

AMD has today announced the launch of the SeaMicro SM15000 server, a new product that it says will allow a single rack to contain thousands of cores as well as up to five petabytes of storage.

The SM15000 - which is the successor of the SM10000 - currently comes with an Intel E3-1260L processor which is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture. From November onwards, the SM15000 will come with two more processor options, the Xeon E3-1265Lv2 and the new AMD Opteron CPUs with Piledriver cores.

The new platform uses a quarter of the power, takes a sixth of the space and delivers 16x the bandwidth of today’s traditional servers.

AMD’s Piledriver system is likely to be aimed at the higher end with up to 2,048 cores per rack and 16TB of DRAM compared to half those amounts for a comparable Xeon E3 Ivy Bridge system. Both are backed by the 1.285Tbps Freedom Fabric Bandwidth backend and support up to 5PB of storage (that’s 1,408 4TB drives).

The whole x86 ecosystem faces some serious competition from ARM-based servers. Codethink, Boston, HP and Dell have all announced server products based on system-on-chips that are variants of chipsets normally found on smartphones and tablets.

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