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EE CEO hints that iPhone 5 will be 4G compatible

The CEO of EE, the third brand under Everything Everywhere, has intimated that the iPhone 5, Apple’s next flagship smartphone set to be unveiled tomorrow evening, will run on the network.

Olaf Swantee presented a number of devices that will run natively on the 4G network and hinted very strongly that the iPhone 5 would come to it after saying that other 4G devices will be announced “very soon”.

The iPhone 5 is likely to follow the steps of the “new iPad” which was launched earlier this year and offer the Apple A5X system-on-chip with the Qualcomm MDM9600 baseband chip (or even possibly the more advanced MDM9615 or MDM9625 that come with TD-SCDMA for the Chinese market).

The arrival of the first 4G network in the UK is also likely to give a welcome boost to the more expensive Apple tablets which are already 4G enabled but couldn’t make the most of their latent capacities – that is about to change.

Carphone Warehouse welcomed the launch of EE was the first to send out a statement, from its Chief Commercial Officer who said “There is no doubt this will give a much needed boost to the industry and economy and help put the UK back at the forefront of mobile technology and innovation.”

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