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Everything Everywhere unveils EE, the first 4G network in the UK

Everything Everywhere has announced the launch of a third telco brand, EE, which will bring 4G LTE mobile services and fibre broadband to tens of millions of customers across the land.

The company’s 4G service will launch in 16 cities across the UK by Christmas, covering an estimated 20 million people or a third of the UK population with an estimated 98 per cent of smartphone users getting 4G by 2014. 4G cells across four UK cities (London, Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham) have been switched on today.

In addition, EE will bring fibre broadband service to more than 11 million households and businesses by the end of the year with 700 EE-branded stores opening over the next few months, more than any other operator.

Orange and T-Mobile already serve 27 million people and EE will allow it to cement this user base and possibly improve retention rates while offering a unique proposition on the market.

EE said that 4G will allow speeds five time faster than today’s typical 3G speeds. Interestingly, EE also announced that it will be swapping phone signal indicator for T-Mobile and Orange customers to EE. They will also be amongst the first to get the opportunity to move to 4G by migrating to the new EE customer brand.

You can learn more about the new EE brand and what it stands for on its dedicated website,

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