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IDF 2012: Ultrabooks to ship with Nuance voice recognition

Another factor that ran through Dadi Perlmutter’s keynote this morning was partnerships. Obviously partnerships are nothing new for Intel, and these collaborations often bear innovative fruit. One of the standout partnerships announced today involved voice recognition specialist, Nuance.

Intel has been working closely with Nuance and as a result, the next generation of Ultrabooks will ship with voice recognition and control built-in. This is a pretty smart move on Intel’s part, since Apple has gained a lot of consumer favour with Siri, even on our side of the pond where more often than not Siri fails to return anything useful.

It’s also worth remembering that Nuance has been creating top notch voice recognition software for many years – if you’re going to partner with a company, it may as well be the market leader!

It doesn’t look as though Nuance has lost its touch either, if the demo I saw today is anything to go by. The level of recognition and accuracy appeared to be first rate, and it wasn’t just limited to general web searching either. The Nuance software was happy to search specific sites from a single command – “search Amazon for sunglasses” was one example that returned exactly what was asked for.

Highlighting the complexity of understanding, the Amazon search result was then shared on Twitter, simple by asking the Ultrabook to do so.

The Nuance Ultrabook application will be available in beta form in Q4 2012, and hit production in Q1 2013, when it will ship with new Ultrabooks.