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IDF: Intel showcases micro-digital signage

The problem with innovative tech showcases is that much of what you’ll see lacks that all-important practical application. There’s no doubting that a bowl full of digital photos that you can spiral through is cool, but it’s hardly the best way to catalogue or navigate through your photo library. But there was something very clever and also very practical at Intel’s Day 0 tech showcase.

Intel’s micro-digital signage could revolutionise the way we shop, assuming that you still trawl around supermarket shelves rather than ordering online. While the plastic price cards that we currently see on shelves lack detail at best and simply aren’t there at worst, Intel has a solution.

Intel’s micro-digital signage slides straight into the supermarket shelves, essentially replacing those plastic cards with small, colour screens. Not only do these screens show the product name and price, the shopper can interact with them, swiping the screen to reveal more information.

The micro-signage can also interact with the staff in the store, sending a message to managers when stock is running low on a shelf, which will (hopefully) trigger a fast and efficient restock.

As clever as this micro-digital signage is, it won’t come cheap, especially when compared to those flimsy plastic cards. And in an industry as cutthroat as retail, it’s unlikely that any major supermarket will swallow the cost. But with Intel suggesting that ubiquitous computing could be with us in 10 years or so, perhaps solutions like this will become more commercially viable.

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