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iPhone 5 launch: Everything you need to know

As Apple whips the tech world into an iPhone frenzy, news and rumours will be firing out from all angles over the coming days. So, thankfully, we’ll be consolidating everything you need to know about the momentous launch right here on our index page.

Peruse the key articles that have preceded Wednesday’s showpiece event, then come back here to see all the big announcements from California as ITProPortal covers the press conference live. Don’t forget to keep checking back in the days after too, as we’ll bring you all the fallout and features on what Apple has brought us.

Live blog (now closed): Apple iPhone 5 Launch Event

Competition: Win a free Apple iPhone 5

Spec comparisons & reviews

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3: spec comparison

iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920: spec comparison

iPhone 5 vs Galaxy Note 2: spec comparison

iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4S: spec comparison

Hands on with the new iPod Touch

Hands on with the iPhone 5

Hands on with the new iPod nano

Apple EarPods review


iPhone 5: Vodafone contracts to start at £47

Could the iPhone 5's A6 chip have Apple's first custom core?

iPhone 5 is Apple's most expensive handset ever starting at £529

Majority of consumers disappointed by iPhone 5

iPhone 5's Lightning port: what's the deal?

Apple to shut down iTunes Ping at end of September

4G LTE on the iPhone 5: a fiasco already?

The iPhone 5: a case study in mediocrity and Apple's rotten ethos

iPhone 5: Industry reaction and consumer opinion

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Apple iPhone 5 Wideband Audio, the latest attempt to improve call quality

Will EE be sued by Vodafone, O2 and others over iPhone 5 monopoly?

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The iPhone 5: It's all about the ecosystem

Apple iPhone 5 slideshow


Apple unveils 4in iPhone 5 with 4G LTE, release date 21 September

Apple reveals larger iPod Touch alongside new Nano

Apple iOS 6 release date confirmed for 19 September

iPhone 5: Name confirmed at launch event

The build-up

Apple iPhone 5 board surfaces shows LTE modem and A6 SoC

Apple launch latest: iPhone 5 'Lightning' USB 3 dock connector & 13in MacBook Pro with Retina to be unveiled

iPhone 5 will be Qualcomm's hour of glory thanks to LTE

iPhone 5 has been tested on 4G networks in the UK

iPhone 5 key to push smartphone numbers beyond one billion says analyst firm

The iPhone 5: top five rumours

Search for iPhone 5 goes ballistic says Hitwise

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Top 5 most anticipated features of iOS 6

The iPhone 5: five possible names for Apple's new smartphone

Our iPhone 5 wishlist

Leaked pictures tip 8-pin iPhone 5 dock connector.

Will first iPhone 5 shipment lack Samsung memory chips?

The iPhone 5 needs "one more thing..."

The evolution of the iPhone: Apple's journey to the iPhone

Will Apple shift 10m iPhone 5 units in the first week?

Infographic: consumers set to desert Android and BlackBerry for iPhone 5

Taking stock of Apple's iPhone 5 launch strategy

Apple earbuds being redesigned for iPhone 5?

iPhone 5: What's the latest?

Leaked photos of iPhone 5 parts show NFC chip