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Kindle for Mac update adds new gestures

Just as the Kindle tablet line got a recent update, so did the e-reader's Mac OS application.

Amazon today pushed out its newest version of its Kindle for Mac app, which now allows gestures like panning and swiping, better support for larger libraries, and various bug fixes.

Apple computer users running OS X 10.7 and up can now swipe and pan through books, making it easier to turn pages and interact with the reading material.

The update also provides support for Amazon's Kindle Format 8, which last year replaced the Mobi format and added more than 150 new capabilities. With KF8, e-book publishers can produce titles with better visuals and features, bringing Web design to the electronic page. As a result, Mac users may notice HTML5 support, pop-up text, embedded fonts, and other visual improvements.

Also, the online retailer has included more support for larger libraries and books with hefty volumes of notes and highlights.

As The Next Web pointed out, additional support for Japanese in the new Mac app suggests that Amazon will soon launch its Kindle e-reader in Japan. In June, the e-retailer confirmed its plan to release the Kindle in the Asian country, announcing the decision with a Japanese teaser on the front page of, according to The Next Web.

The Kindle for Mac app update is now available as a free download in the Mac App Store.