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Leaked pictures tip 8-pin iPhone 5 dock connector

In two days, the bevy of next-generation iPhone rumours will be put to rest when Apple unveils its next-gen smartphone. But for now, speculation continues with the newest image leak showing the device's final cable - with the rumoured, smaller dock connector.

Last week, French blog Nowhereelse posted images from an anonymous source, which displayed the new cord with 8-pin dock connector next to the original 30-pin one.

Rumours about a smaller dock connector have been making the rounds since October, with reports of connectors anywhere between 8 and 19 pins. The smaller sizes might also be included in the next iPod touch and iPads. The new leaked photos confirm the 8-pin concept, which Apple is reportedly adopting in order to make more room for other new features.

The Cupertino-based company hasn't updated its dock technology since 2005, when it transitioned from Firewire to USB, and the connector has remained the same ever since.

So any change to the dock connector would mean current iDevice users will need to either ditch their iPhone accessories and buy new products, or shell out additional cash for an adaptor.

Recent reports indicated that Apple would initially be the only firm to offer dock connector adaptors.

The French blog's photos show the new cable next to other connectors, including an Android phone charger and Apple-made USB cords. None of the images include additional details.