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IDF 2012: McAfee announces Social Protection

The problem with sharing your photos with friends online is that you have no control over what those friends do with you photos once they’re shared. Let’s face it, very few of us are really friends with everyone on our social media lists, and do we really trust each and every one of those people?

This is a particular issue for people who want to share photos of their children – personally, I don’t really want someone being able to take, manipulate or distribute pictures of my kids, which is probably why I’ve never shared any photos of them on FaceBook. Well, that and the fact that I don't have a FaceBook account.

This is where McAfee Social Protection comes in. Currently in beta form, Social Protection will allow you to share your photos with your friends online, but all they’ll be able to do is view them. If anyone tries to download your photos, they’ll simply receive a blurred overlay, with a McAfee Social Protection shield on top.

What McAfee has shown is that it’s a company that’s exploring potential issues facing consumers online and creating solutions. It’s not just about protecting pictures of your children either, McAfee Social Protection also allows you to share your images without worrying about anyone stealing them and using them without your permission.

I’m not the most paranoid of consumers, but I definitely welcome McAfee Social Protection – it’s far too easy for anyone and everyone to steal your personal IP online, so anything that makes it more difficult can only be a good thing.

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