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IDF 2012: Next generation Intel Xeon chips sampling

Diane Bryant – Vice President, General Manager, Datacenter and Connected Systems Group – announced that Intel is currently sampling new Xeon E5 and E7 chips based on 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture.

The Sandy Bridge Xeon chips only arrived earlier this year in March, with the desktop and mobile Ivy Bridge processors arriving shortly afterwards. With the Ivy Bridge Xeons sampling now, Intel is gearing up for 2013 production, so we’re probably looking at a March rollout again.

Bryant also confirmed Intel’s continuing interest in the micro-server market, confirming that the Centerton Atom chips will take on the Atom S-Series moniker, and will be available Q4 2012.

Despite the fact that we’ll only be seeing Ivy Bridge based Xeon E5 and E7 chips next year, Bryant also confirmed that the low power Xeon E3 chip, based on Haswell architecture will appear in 2013, along with the 22nm Atom Avoton.

Bryant may have stressed that the micro-server market is still relatively tiny, but Intel clearly sees a big future there.