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iPhone 5: Name confirmed at launch event

As the launch event continues to unfold in California, Apple has officially announced the name of it's next-generation smartphone: the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 had been the media's name of choice before the launch tonight, and Apple has declined to throw a curve-ball on this occasion. The previous model had also been dubbed the iPhone 5 prior to its release, but the Cupertino firm unexpectedly opted for the 'iPhone 4S' title last time out.

CEO Tim Cook ran through a host of slides at the beginning of the presentation, detailing the journey of the iPhone up to this point. Details are still emerging about the device, but we have learned that it will weigh just 112g and will have an enlarged 4in screen.

Apple claim it is the thinnest smartphone ever, with a thickness of 7.6mm. Taller than its 4S predecessor, the iPhone 5 has a 326ppi Retina display with 1136 x 640 resolution. Its case is made entirely of glass and aluminium, and its Siri feature has been enhanced.

All the breaking news will be brought to you on our live blog of the launch, so head over there now.

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