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Photos of iPad Mini reportedly posted online

While much of this week's Apple talk is focused on Wednesday's anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, French blog Nowhereelse has shifted gears and posted a number of leaked iPad mini photos.

The smaller tablet is still not confirmed, and there are no specific details regarding the size, weight or capacity of a possible iPad mini, but the blog posted eight photos allegedly snagged from the Asian site

An August report from Digitimes claimed that the iPad's smaller sibling would be around 7.85in, with a thinner screen frame and bigger display, as well as resolution similar to the iPad 2.

In the leaked photos, the potential new device is modelled from all angles, showing off a rear-facing camera, the black Apple logo and "iPad" moniker, and the white cover Apple users have come to know and love. The photos are too blurry to see how much storage the device is packing.

The French blog remained cautious about the posted pictures, and pointed out that the photos could actually be "simple Chinese clone."

For a true comparison of iDevices, one photo places an iPhone 4S inside a potential iPhone 5 case, inside an iPad mini shell, and inside the current tablet casing. As Nowhereelse pointed out, the location of the holes cut into the backing correspond perfectly with the position of the device's components.

A smaller version of Apple's iPad would help the company expand its tablet offerings, moving into the territory currently held by Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's new Kindle Fire HD – both 7in, less pricey devices.

Last week, Nowhereelse released leaked photos of an alleged iPhone 5 8-pin dock connector.

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to unleash its next generation smartphone, and while there was once speculation that a new iPad would be included in the announcement, an August report tipped an October release for the miniature device.