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Rebtel adds HD Voice to its VoIP iOS and PC clients

VoIP company Rebtel has announced a major update to its service, which will now offer HD voice, a feature that uses the open source voice codec technology iSAC (internet Search Audio Codec).

Both iOS and PC applications will be able to benefit from it immediately. Rebtel didn’t say whether the improvement will come to Android and other mobile or desktop platforms.

To take full advantage of this capability, users will need to have a fairly fast broadband connection as well as Rebtel’s updated app on on both sides.

High definition calls are still a distant dream for most mobile phone users although some timid attempts to significantly improve the quality of phone calls have been made.

Orange launched a few handsets with a HD Voice feature that enhances phone calls but requires that the two parties in the call are on Orange and have HD voice compatible handsets.

The ISA codec was open sourced to the WebRTC project by Google after it acquired Global IP Solutions back in 2010.

Rebtel is the second largest VoIP company in the world after Skype and is expected to hit $85 million (£53 million) in revenue run rate by the end of the year.

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