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Report: Samsung to sue Apple over iPhone 5

Samsung is reportedly prepared to sue Apple over the iPhone 5, should the new smartphone include 4G LTE capability.

According to a report from the Korea Times, Samsung will sue Apple for infringing on a patent for 4G LTE connectivity. Citing industry sources, the paper said Samsung will target Apple in Europe and the US.

A Samsung spokesman declined to comment on the report.

Apple is scheduled to unveil its next-generation iPhone at a Wednesday press event in San Francisco. It's highly likely that the new device will have 4G LTE connectivity; the new iPad at Apple Store included the functionality when it was released in March.

Samsung, however, has had limited success in terms of battling Apple on patents. Last month, Apple won a $1.05 billion (£652 million) judgment against Samsung in California, where Samsung was found guilty of infringing on Apple utility and design patents with its smartphones and tablets.

The ruling hasn't stopped the fighting, though. Samsung has appealed the decision, and over the weekend, it emerged that Apple amended its complaint to include two new Samsung devices - the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note.