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Search for iPhone 5 goes ballistic says Hitwise

One in every 1,000 searches conducted in the UK last week (week ending 8 September) were for the term “iPhone 5” and related queries according to data cruncher Experian Hitwise.

The firm also found out that 25 per cent of all online searches relating to the iPhone were specifically focused on the iPhone 5. That, Experian Hitwise, represents a jump of 42 per cent for the term iPhone 5 and nearly 70 percent for the term “Apple iPhone 5” in week-on-week search comparisons.

These coincide with a 34 per cent increase in searches for “iPhone 5 release date” over the same period. Not surprisingly, the term iPhone 5 attracted almost 20 times more searches compared to the iPhone 4S last week.

Apple is set to announce the new smartphone later today (our live blog covering the iPhone 5 event is alive and kicking) and there are rumours that this will be the biggest event Apple has put together yet.

Other products expected to land tonight other than iOS6 are a cheaper version of the iPhone, a more affordable rival to the Nexus 7 (and the Kindle Fire) called the iPad Mini and a new 13in MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

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