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Nintendo reveals Wii U UK release date

Today at 15:00 BST, Nintendo announced the European launch details of its much anticipated Wii U console.

The launch has been confirmed for 30 November.

There will be two distinct Wii U packs - Basic and Premium.The Basic pack will be white and carry 8GB of flash memory, while the black Premium is to pack 32GB. Both editions feature the innovative touchscreen Wii U GamePad.

Nintendo Land will come free with the Premium variety, and be made up of 12 mini-games which, according to Nintendo Europe head Satoru Shibata, will challenge even hardcore gamers.

The US launch and Japanese launch have been scheduled for 18 November and 8 December, respectively.

Pricing has not yet been revealed, but ITProPortal will bring you those details just as soon as they are announced.

UPDATE: exact bundles may vary across UK / Europe so Nintendo has said that final pricing will be determined by individual retailers. In the US, the Basic pack will cost $299.99 while the Deluxe (nee Premium) is $349.99 when it hits the shelves almost two weeks earlier than in Britain.

UPDATE 16:44: Amazon initially listed the Basic edition at £199.99 but has since removed the page. Gamestation has tweeted pricing of £210 Basic and £250 Premium, with a £20 pre-order deposit required. We await final confirmation from others retailers.

In the mean time, here's an in-depth analysis of the Wii U's enormous potential, as well as several problems the new console could face.