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Surrey to become UK's best-connected county following £33 million deal with BT

BT and Surrey County Council have struck up a deal worth £33 million that will provide the whole county with superfast broadband.

As a direct result, Surrey's economy could also be boosted by as much as £28 million per annum, according to World Bank research.

While Ofcom's 2012 broadband performance report identifies 9Mbps as the UK's average broadband rate, the high-speed network to be implemented in Surrey would achieve speeds of 80Mbps.

Surrey's deputy leader Peter Martin said: "This will be a great boost for business, from start-ups in small offices through to multi-nationals. It can be crucial to the continued success of Surrey businesses and a huge attraction to those looking to move in."

"We are delighted to have been chosen as a partner in this project by Surrey County Council," added Bill Murphy, managing director of BT's Next Generation Broadband arm.

Mr Murphy concluded: "It goes further than the government's national aim for fibre broadband by 2012 and brings the county within a whisker of 100 per cent fibre broadband availability. No other county has announced a scheme matching Surrey's."

Nearly 100 per cent of Surrey premises are set to benefit from the improved connectivity by the end of 2014 - 2015 has been set by the government as the target for 90 per cent of the country to have access to superfast broadband.

BT will contribute £11.8 million to the project, while Surrey County Council will pledge £20 million. The remaining £1.3 million will come from the UK government's broadband delivery fund.